Why Choose Critter Control?

Critter Control provides the residents of Springfield Missouri and surrounding areas with reliable wild animal removal and wildlife control services. Critter Control is the nation’s leading residential wildlife control company. Critter Control has been in business for more than 30 years and we have access to top notch wildlife management techniques. From time tested to new and innovative approaches, we can take care of your wildlife problems.

We Perform the Following Services:

  • Animal Removal
  • Wildlife Control
  • Wildlife Relocation
  • Dead Animal Removal
  • Animal Trapping
  • Animal Damage Repair
  • Ongoing Pest Control Services
  • Plus More!

How Does Wildlife Services Work?

Our team of trained wildlife professionals can handle any critter that invades your home or property and will cover your problem from start to finish.

We follow the following five-step process in restoring your home to the condition you remember:

  • Phone Estimate
  • Home Inspection
  • Animal Trapping, Removal, and Relocation
  • Animal Exclusion: Keeping Wildlife Out
  • Repairs

We install exclusionary tools and preventative instruments, then clean up and repair related animal damage. If you know or suspect that you might have a nuisance animal in or around your home, leave it to the professionals at Critter Control of Springfield.

If you've already had an animal infestation removed from your home, what are you planning to do about the damage and mess left behind? Even the smallest of wildlife can make a big mess and cause damage to your home. Let our staff remove soiled or damaged insulation, repair your damaged chimney or gutters, or cleanup and repair your crawl space. Not sure if we can help with your repair issue? Call us today and ask!

If you've got mice in the walls, squirrels in the attic, or raccoons in the trash, give us a call at (417) 413-2884 for an inspection. Animals big or small, outdoors or indoors, we cover them all!