Commercial Wildlife Control

When geese, raccoons, rats, or squirrels enter a commercial building including, condominium properties, apartment buildings, retail stores, office buildings, industrial plants, military bases, or warehouses, it is considered a commercial wildlife control problem. Critter Control of Springfield offers professional wildlife control and wildlife removal services to help when these pests become an invasive problem.

Commercial Wildlife Services

Homeowners are not the only ones to deal with raccoons in the attic, rats in the walls, or squirrels in the ceiling. Critter Control of Springfield professionals offer safe and humane methods of control that will efficiently get the wildlife animals out of your business. Your technician will have extensive knowledge on whatever wildlife animal you may be dealing with. Using the knowledge of habits, intelligence levels, and diet preferences, we will create unique control techniques that will effectively control your problem animal.

We Perform the Following Services:

  • Animal Removal
  • Wildlife Relocation
  • Dead Animal Removal
  • Animal Trapping
  • Bird Control
  • Animal Damage Repair
  • Animal Damage Prevention

Trapping and Removal

Our trapping and removal services will get each wildlife animal out of your business quickly. We work hard to ensure the wildlife animals are removed safely using humane methods.

Damage Repair & Prevention

After the wildlife animal is removed from your commercial building or business, Critter Control of Springfield will repair damages and clean up the mess left behind. Some damage repairs will act as a preventative measure and keep wildlife animals out. Other prevention methods can be implemented to keep the problem wildlife animals out for good.

Critter Control Commercial Wildlife Control

Critter Control of Springfield can get rid of any commercial sized wildlife control problem, big or small. Geese problems, problems with rats, snakes, pigeons, and moles will stand no chance against our professional approach. If you are dealing with a commercial wildlife control problem, call Critter Control of Springfield today. (417) 413-2884